This is a gift my dad gave me upon his return for missing my birthdays while he was gone on a three year trip.       - Possessor
When I left Hillsboro, Ohio to go to college, this is the one thing I grabbed from my parents’ house to take with me. - Possessor
My freshman year of high school in 2000, I made this in my first art class.  It ended up winning the Nevada High School Art Composition, which sparked my life long interest in art.  Without this, I’d probably be a completely different person and to this day it makes me smile every time I see it. - Possessor
From 1995-1997 I lived in a loft in downtown Los Angeles that my roommates and friends called “The Crib.” Located at the intersection of the 5, 10, 101, and 110 freeways, The Crib was a thoroughfare and junction for many a SoCal raver and DJ. These tapes are from those times- tapes of informal dj sessions, super popular dj tapes of that day, and my own mixes. Good times. Good times. I got rid of my tape deck last year, but have still hung onto these. I keep meaning to digitize them but….  - Possessor
The game was over this year.  As we simultaneously start opening our gifts after the fierce competition of the game has ended, shouts of “OH MY GOD”, “What the....”, and “oh....” begin to emerge.  Hands start pulling objects out of boxes, immediately showcasing the “gift” to all.  However, every year, a couple of things go VERY unwanted and just wind up being trashed.  This year, the only thing that absolutely no one wanted was this tiger statue that was covered head to toe in cheap fake fur and adorned by her bobble-headed cubs.  Everyone thought it was hideous. As my aunt tried to pawn it off on several of my cousins, I stepped up and said that I would take it.  I couldn’t really pinpoint why I wanted it, maybe because I couldn’t believe such a thing had been manufactured.  But, I ended up packing it up, actually making space for it in my suitcase, and flying it back home with me. - Possessor

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